Music on Demand – News & Updates

The competition among the music-on-demand providers is large, so the provider constantly change their offerings and develop new features to attract and retain customers. Also recently there was again some innovations in the various music streaming services.

Deezer introduced the Internet Radio a named flow for mobile devices that can be personalized. A personal music collection of a user and his last belonged songs flow created a radio program of songs that match the individual taste of the user. However, should be a song that I do not like the user, then it has the possibility of up to five songs per hour to skip.

Flow is free for Deezer customers. But the general radio service Deezer has been redesigned: Now the playlists of a Deezer user are combined with those of the operator and supplemented by recommendations for music. The so-called Channel Radio allows up to six titles to skip in an hour. In addition, customers have the tariffs Premium and Premium + access to a shuffle function.

In addition Deezer allows to install a further innovation of the tariff Premium + now, a Deezer app for Mac systems to its customers. The app displays all the songs, albums and playlists that created Deezer a user. At the same time the music can be about the app also manages and shipped as to other users of the Deezer service. This is an automatic scan of the user’s iTunes collection, which is automatically transferred to the Deezer library.

But the service Wimp has a new feature on offer. After the beta period has ended for streaming music in lossless quality, now an update is available for all users, which allows to listen to the full music catalog of over 23 million songs in CD quality. Wimp HiFi is available as well as in the iOS and Android apps and selected Internet-enabled audio systems in the desktop version. For a good overview of the market situation in germany, check out this german site about music streaming services.

The music streaming service Spotify is continuing to work to overtake iTunes in Europe. The company believes that it is only a matter of time before Spotify generates more money than the Apple iTunes store. Among other things, through partnerships with network operators, a high user growth can be achieved. The company Spotify is already operating 56 markets, the trend is rising.