Is Netflix available soon in Germany?

German customers of video-on-demand streaming services have high hopes that the U.S. video-on-demand provider Netflix will make its offering soon also in Germany. For quite some time rumors are circulating, which can suggest that Netflix will soon also in Germany at the start on the internet. The crucial point for the speculation was Job from Netflix, was in which to search for new developers that support the expansion in Europe. This German skills are advantageous.

 Meanwhile, other sources also confirm a launch of Netflix in Germany. Even in 2014 the service should offer its services in this country. The Wall Street Journal stated, for example, that Netflix and the American rights holders are currently in negotiations. Within these negotiations, the terms should be clarified that apply for a license the content offered in Germany, France and some other European countries. In addition, Netflix is ​​said to have made in an interview with the French government statements that indicate a launch of the service already towards the end of the year.

That Netflix expands its offer to Germany, is quite conceivable. Because Germany is a world in fourth place when it comes to the number of broadband connections. The number of potential German customers who might use the service, so is great. In addition, although there are competing products in Germany, but by far not provide such a large range of series and films such as Netflix. It would therefore be expected that many disappointed customers would switch quickly to Netflix. What alternatives are there at the moment, you can see at this german movie flatrate comparison site.

In the U.S., Netflix is ​​the leading video-on-demand provider and also beyond the borders very well known. To date, the offer of Netflix not only in the U.S. but also in quite a few other European countries is available. These include the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Great Britain and Spain. Many German users are familiar with the service, as it provides a far more extensive movie and series database. But they had to unblock the service with a vpn connection until now – here is how this works.

The U.S. customers need only eight dollars a month to pay to get full access to the entire media database. If the rumor that Netflix is ​​coming to Germany, confirmed, however, remains to be seen how high the proportion of films and series is available in Germany. The pricing in Germany could be interesting.