How can I host WordPress myrself?

What is WordPress anyway?
When one deals with the theme of „blog“, you inevitably come across the term „WordPress“. Behind it the most popular content management system conceals (= CMS) in the world, with which you can easily design your own blog. It does not depends on the size of the project. With WordPress you can both a private diary, as well as extensive advertising projects perform. Even New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other big names use the system to publish news in convenient blog format.

How can I set up a WordPress blog?
Unlike many other blog providers, WordPress itself must be hosted. The system can be downloaded from the vendor’s free. Various language packs and extensions are available. Also upgrades can be used. After the download, then the CMS on the desired web host must be installed. This sounds more complicated than it is! It is only important that the hoster meets the technical requirements. Here you will find a good web hosting price comparison.

The PHP format is not supported by all providers, however, is indispensable for the use of a WordPress CMS. PHP, CSS or HTML skills are not required to install the blog and run them. However, they help to modify and personalize the blog. Once the data of the CMS are uploaded to the server, the user is guided through the simple installation.

Which web hosts offer a preinstalled WordPress package?
It’s even easier if you opt for a web host, is offered on the WordPress as a pre-installed package, eg or Escape hosting . In the Administration home page you can easily activate WordPress and after a short wait, the blog is installed and ready for use. This eliminates the own software download and configuration.

WordPress offers through its various configuration and expansion options, a competent content management system. In the Internet there are many sites on which designs and help offered. Thanks to the continuous development of the system, continues WordPress developed.

The easy to use laymen without problems can start a blog. WordPress as a CMS provides that the various needs of different users well received.