HidemyAss.com Review

The online project Hidemyass.com was launched by the US-American company Privax into being in 2005. The product name says it all: Hide My Ass Pro VPN allows Internet users, completely anonymously and without any digital traces left behind to surf the net.

In addition to the paid Pro VPN offer Hidemyass.com still offers some more products: Visitors Web Proxy, Anonymous Email and file upload services, for example, refer directly to the website to complete.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hide My Ass (HMA) at a glance:

Advantages of Hide My Ass:

Simply usable software
Unlimited server change
No bandwidth limitation
Very large server network
30 days money back guarantee
Fast server
Good, Friendly Support

Disadvantages with Hide My Ass:

Few offshore server
Management and server network mainly in the U.S.
Dynamic IPs, fixed IPs not possible
Only 128 bit encryption of the connection
Does not support IPv6
Software does not autmatisiert the fastest server to
Logs and stores IP addresses and usernames
If the data of the Lulzsec hacker „Sabu“ given out

Is there a download limit and how fast is the maximum connection speed?
The offer Hide My Ass Pro VPN includes unlimited bandwidth, so that the customer at their own discretion upload and download can. HMA allowed here also P2P / file sharing.

The speed of the connection depends largely on the own Internet speed. Another important factor for the velocity is also close to this server: The closer one is to the respective server, the faster the connection.

We have the VPN from Hidemyass.com with a 50Mbit VDSL connection of 1 & 1 and the website Speedtest.net tested. As a server we have with the setting „Random Europe – Germany“ can be selected.

Without a VPN connection, the VDSL line throws loud Speedtest.net exactly 33.42 megabits downstream and 6.66 Mbit upstream. The ping time is 39 milliseconds. The values ​​vary depending on the time of day, and the lust of 1 & 1 and the Telekom, by forwarding the data fast. One can of our tests, therefore a maximum percentage values ​​derived, but no exact data.

With the OpenVPN connection (TCP) of HMA after all, still a whopping 10.57 megabits come through the line, in the upload it was 2.18 megabits. The ping time increased to 43 milliseconds.

The connection to the same server via PPTP is at HMA is a good deal slower – 7:40 Mb / s download rate but a better upload rate of 4.67 Mb / s at Hidemyass.com with PPTP.

Here is a list of the faster server from Hide My Ass, HideMyAss tested with the client:
Server Name Ping Download Trial Upload Test
fr France, Strasbourg (LOC1 S1) 46 ms 651 KB / s 188 KB / s
nl Netherlands, Dronten (LOC1 S2) 37 ms 540 KB / s 114 KB / s
de Germany, Bavaria, Nuremberg (LOC2 S5) 44 ms 410 KB / s 203 KB / s
hr Croatia, Zagreb 43 ms 451 KB / s 136 KB / s
gb UK, Berkshire, Maidenhead (LOC1 S8) 62 ms 466 KB / s 111 KB / s
at Austria, Carinthia, Klagenfurt 35 ms 344 KB / s 134 KB / s
dk Denmark, Copenhagen (LOC1 S1) 52 ms 300 KB / s 142 KB / s
it Italy, Lombardy, Milan (LOC2 S2) 53 ms 295 KB / s 134 KB / s
us Netherlands, Amsterdam – Virtual USA (LOC1 S1) 52 ms 266 KB / s 148 KB / s
ch Switzerland, Zurich (LOC1 S7) 70 ms 255 KB / s 114 KB / s
ee Estonia, Tallinn 69 ms 262 KB / s 97 KB / s
pl Poland, Pomerania, Gdansk (LOC1 S2) 62 ms 245 KB / s 112 KB / s
sk Slovakia, Bratislava 46 ms 230 KB / s 123 KB / s

If you want to try this by yourself, one months flat at Hide My Ass can book and not like you just get within 30 days of his money back. More at www.VPNTrial.net .

What can the VPN software from HidemyAss.com?

The software of HMA is truly one of the most sophisticated VPN clients that are offered at the moment. Practical features such as auto-reconnect after X minutes (maximum every 30 seconds), PPTP and OpenVPN, individual servers and Countryselector one searches in vain for many other clients. But first here are some screenshots of the HideMyAss Pro VPN clients:

After starting the program the HideMyAss VPN Client provides a tidy and clear interface. In addition to the input fields for the log data and the associated settings (Auto Connect, save login information in case of Windows startup launch, etc.) you can still find a protocol selection (OpenVPN or PPTP), the server selection, a window will show that the current connection status displays.

On the left side there is a menu for the various „tabs“ of the Pro VPN client from HideMyAss. It can be selected: Country Selection, IP address settings, Secure IP bind, speed guide, Proxy Settings, Billing & Packages.

In the country selection you can choose from a long list of server locations or single / multiple server select to which you want to connect to, if is selected on the Start screen „Connect to a random server (Custom)“. So you can be confined to Europe or only to the USA / Asia etc. For example, its VPN connection so.

It can be individual servers per country – select or even whole countries at once. On the tab „Map Overview“ gives the whole server of Hide My Ass again on a world map Send to admire.

In the IP Address Settings of HideMyAss there is a feature that the HideMyAss Pro VPN client distinguishes itself from the other VPN providers: You can specify that the IP address should be changed every X minutes. As the shortest cycle is 30 seconds adjustable. When so many IP addresses needs for Webscraping or the like, „Address Randomly change IP“ function of the HMA Pro VPN client that is a very practical thing.

In addition, you can still choose on which Web service the IP address should be checked and there is a Buton, with which you can immediately trigger a reconnect. On the tab „IP History“, you can view the IP addresses previously used, unless you have previously enabled „IP History Logging“.

When „Secure IP bind“ you can certain programs, such as tie down the browser or a P2P file sharing program like Azureus to the encrypted VPN connection from HMA, so that the program fails to run all network connections when the VPN connection has been disconnected. So you can be sure that not coincidentally its own IP address in the log files from snoopers who are looking for potential Abmahnopfern lands. A very handy feature that security again increased quite a bit in the network.

When Hide My Ass speed guide is a practical testing tool, with which you can get tested each server (or all) of HMA automatically on connection speed and latency (ping time). There are various test mode (ping, Express Test and Full Test), the full test of all servers can take quite a few hours. Presented a ping or Express test you go, much faster.

It is possible the connection previously used to be either fixed, or to get tested all protocols (PPTP and OpenVPN). If the test is completed, the best server in the „Country Selection“ you can manually select the tab and then allow only VPN server at optimum speed for its own connections.

In the Proxy Settings, you can select between Direct connection to the Internet (direct connection to the Internet) or HTTP or SOCKS connection. Similarly, there is an „auto-detect proxy settings“ function for automatic detection. HideMyAss-7 The point „Billing and Packages“ shows which user name you have, which Hide My Ass Pro VPN has been chosen (monthly, semi-annually or annually) and how the current prices for the packages. One can extend subscription directly from this screen be HMA.

In which countries has the VPN provider Hide My Ass Server?
With its 606 VPN servers in 75 countries of the VPN provider is today one of the largest and most popular provider. More than 75,000 IP address can be so generated and made available to the customer.

Most operated by Hidemyass.com servers are based in the U.S., Canada and the UK; some additional servers are available for Pro VPN customers in the following countries ready: The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Estonia, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar , Japan, Australia, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Uruguay, South Africa, Aland Islands, Finland, Colombia, Mexico, China, Ghana, Nigeria , Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Morocco.

In German-speaking countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland – are 18 servers of the American company.

Saves the provider Hide My Ass log files?
Although the Privacy of course remain at a high value at HMA, the provider performs nevertheless provider logs. For security purposes and to improve their own service, the company saves the time of manufacture and the separation of the Internet connection and the dedicated IP address. However, no traffic shall be kept of logs, that is, it is not saved, the pages visited a customer. More about file sharing with HMA there at http://www.torrentvpn.org/ .

Payment Options at Hide My Ass
When registering for the service on the website but also the own user names, associated IP address, password (encrypted) and stored the email address. The payment process can be carried out through the use of third-party, so that HMA can not store any relevant data: PayPal, 2Checkout, DalPay, CleverBridge, Google Checkout, Liberty Reserve and Payza available to the customer as payment options to choose from.

What protocols Hide My Ass encrypted?
Hidemyass.com offers three different protocols (openVPN, L2TP, PPTP), which are crucial for how the traffic is encrypted: OpenVPN encrypted using CBC mode of Blowfish, PPTP with MPPE, and L2TP with IPSec.

For which operating systems there are clients in www.hidemyass.com?
Currently HMA provides clients for Windows and Mac ready – to a Linux GUI client is still being worked currently. Moreover, Hide My Ass Pro VPN is compatible with all mobile devices, the OpenVPN or PPTP protocols support (iPhones, iPads, and Android devices).

Windows and Mac

HMA runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7 you can use the software on the Mac install (OSX).


A Linux version of HMA is also offered. However, currently there is no graphical user interface is available for this purpose, but only the Linux version with command line.

The GUI version is still in Erntwicklung, but will be out later this year. For those who are interested, there is such a version as an alpha version on demand from HMA’s Customer Service team.

Apple iOS

There is no need, HMA software on your Apple iPhone or iPad 2/2/3/4 1/2 or 3 to install.

Android VPN

If you own a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, then there is no need to install any software, because the configuration very easy via Android even on your mobile device.

Installation of HideMyAss VPN on a router

If you plan to use a VPN software application, please note that HMA offers you the option to install it directly on the router. This means that you need to install HMA on any of your devices that you can use at home.

Your Internetverbinduing is protected by HMA at the source.

Some of your devices, such as Xbox, PS3, Wii Nintende, Apple TV, or Netflix decoder have no built-in VPN support, which would appear to have a meaningful HMA installation on the router. More info here: http://anywhere.fm/en-vpn/hidemyass-com/

Here is a list of recommended routers for HMA:

Asus RT-N16 D-Link DIR-320 A1
A2 D-Link DIR-600 B1
B2 Linksys WRT54GL Linksys E2000

Criticism of Hide My Ass:
Although the client and the speed, and that you can use two connections simultaneously, all very compelling reasons that speak for HMA, there are reasons for not doing so.

Above all, one reason is obvious: In 2011, the FBI Cody Kretsinger, a hacker who was involved in the hack of Sony Pictures and the LulzSec hacks. Why? Because Hide my Ass has handed over the data of Cody Kretsinger to the FBI after a court decision. So you can be sure that a HMA does not cover, if you mess with to powerful people. More here, at T3N or Golem.de.

If it’s all about copyright infringement, so downloads from piratebay and Co., no case, the data was still known in the Hide My Ass has issued. So if you want to start the long overdue world revolution, grab a provider of the log files no stores. 😉

Customer Service for any questions at Hide My Ass:
For questions and issues of the HideMyAss service is available, which can be contacted via email or live chat. However, good knowledge of English is a prerequisite for this, because there is no German-language service; also the website is only available in English.

In email inquiries hidemyass.com reacts quickly: the company guarantees the customer an answer within the twelve hours – no matter at what time the email was sent. The live chat service is available twelve hours a day available.