GTA V – The new Grand Theft Auto

The new Grand Theft Auto will appear in early summer 2012. It is called Grand Theft Auto 5 and plays in and around Los Santos.

Los Santos was modeled after Los Angeles. We already know the city of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas so we are curious what Rockstar Games does it. In the trailer for GTA 5, indicated that one can visit in addition to Los Santos also has a replica of San Francisco.

Let’s talk about the main character. From the trailer released by Rockstar Games can be concluded that an aged version of Tommy Vercetti will constitute the main character. Tommy Vercetti, we already know from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is a gangster, the gangster life is tired of and wants to put to rest in Los Santos. This of course is nothing, and his life of crime catches up to him.

GTA 5 has done a lot. Rockstar Games  and Take 2 has provided, among other things, the shot mechanics and revised with new animations. Animals were added to the game, including, among other dogs and farm animals. There will be a skill system, so they can build their skills gradually. And last but not least, there are more buildings added to the game on which to climb.

The game is characterized by excellent graphics and a great story. The police has improved in comparison to its predecessor. If the police are not a crime will notice, no star wanted level. But when you first get wanted stars, the police intervene to cure, among other means including the use of police dogs and tear gas. You can re-enter buildings and buy more and there are new mini-games. And the Wettererffekte were improved by Rockstar Games.

In the early summer of 2012 appears from the long awaited game.