DoA 5 – Dead or Alive 5

Here we go again! On 25 September this year, the now fifth part of the Dead or Alive series will come on the market and the developers from Team Ninja Studios promise that the next title in the series will be even more exciting and action-rich than its predecessor. But what is the player in DOA 5 expect to innovations?

Hazardous Area:
Dead or Alive 5 in the different stages are not just pretty decorations on the various battles, but can be actively involved in the duels. Some say DOA is a Sex Game because of the detailed models and animations of their breasts. But compared to real VR Sex Games, DOA never breaches the line and shows any nudity.  There are stages in most so-called danger zones of different types, which can hurt a fighter hard when he enters or is forced by his opponent into it. An example of such a danger zone, the rails in an underground pit. If a player is there at the wrong time, is his character of the oncoming train rolled over and thus takes considerably much damage.

Dead or Alive 5 is eagerly awaited by the fans. Rumours say that its the second most awaited game for 2012 after Grand Theft Auto 5 for Playstation 3.

More clout:
Another new feature will be available in 5, the so-called critical hit DoA. By executing a particular attack combo will now be able to stun the enemy for a short time. During this time it will be possible to hurt the opponent to significantly different combos or throw it in the air to perform the dangerous mid-air attacks.

Concentrated Power Team:
The last major innovation is the team power shot. The power stroke is in contrast to its predecessor, Dead or Alive 5 would be possible only if a character has less than half of his life energy. In a tag duel, two members of a team so weak a team power shot will be possible, so that the opponent is thrown only for its own tag partner who will then beat him through a wall or into the ground, thereby also Team games are to be dynamic of DoA5.